” It is better …

” It is better to do the right thing than to be nice “

I just heard this quote once said by a housemate (I forgot his name), of a popular Pinoy Big Brother show of ABS-CBN as the time of elimination comes when certainly one of them will say good-bye from the big house! I find this quote powerful, powerful in a sense that it could lift you up a little bit of your emotion when you think what you did, hurts another person.  In some instances in our lives, we encounter such experience, though we know it is the right thing to do but when we evaluate on how it affects other people, we tend to change things up. We somewhat put others reaction first before taking any decision, which is not always good, I think!. Not allowing your daughter to have a night gimmick with her friends due to how danger it is, your son to play with a saw and a hammer or even letting your friends eat ALL the stuff stored in your refrigerator! (I know some of you did this too to your friends!,just some food though, haha); is not bad at all. YES!, it hurts them by saying NO to what makes them feel great but it is the RIGHT thing to do and it should be done rather than saying YES to appear NICE!.

One of my favorite quotes and I note this to myself always, it appears as my signature in my email, actually! 🙂

How about you?, what’s your favorite quotes! 😉



My first Post! ;)


I would like this to be my first post as to remind me that my blog born today! that’s April 4, 2014 at exactly 10:00AM..Just hoping that I could update this things up, definitely, I can give it a try at my very best!. .well, that’s for now. .I’m gonna post some of nice stuff soon! 🙂


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